Coats of Arms from Ireland and around the World 'O' [last updated 6 September 2018]
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Odrowaz (Poland) coat of arms Odrowaz (Poland) family crest

O'Duane coat of arms O'Duane family crest

O'Duffy coat of arms O'Duffy family crest

O'Dugan O'Dougan coat of arms O'Dugan O'Dougan family crest

O'Duignan O'Deignan coat of arms O'Duignan O'Deignan family crest

O'Dunn O'Dunne O'Doinn O'Duinn coat of arms O'Dunn O'Dunne O'Doinn O'Duinn family crest

Odrowaz (Poland)



O'Dugan O'Dougan

O'Duignan O'Deignan

O'Dunn O'Dunne O'Doinn O'Duinn

O'Durkan O'Zorkin coat of arms O'Durkan O'Zorkin family crest

O'Dwan coat of arms O'Dwan family crest

O'Dwane coat of arms O'Dwane family crest

O'Dwyer coat of arms O'Dwyer family crest

Oedenberg [Bavaria] coat of arms Oedenberg [Bavaria] family crest

Oedendorf [Swabia] coat of arms Oedendorf [Swabia] family crest

O'Durkan O'Zorkin




Oedenberg [Bavaria]

Oedendorf [Swabia]

Oehlschlägel coat of arms Oehlschlägel family crest

Oeller coat of arms Oeller family crest

Oemen [Holland] coat of arms Oemen [Holland] family crest

Oeningen coat of arms Oeningen family crest

Oertel [Saxony] coat of arms Oertel [Saxony] family crest

Oettel coat of arms Oettel family crest



Oemen [Holland]


Oertel [Saxony]


O'Fahy O'Fahey coat of arms O'Fahy O'Fahey family crest

O'Fallon O'Falloon coat of arms O'Fallon O'Falloon family crest

O'Faolain O'Faelin coat of arms O'Faolain O'Faelin family crest

O'Farrell coat of arms O'Farrell family crest

O'Farren coat of arms O'Farren family crest

O'Farren coat of arms O'Farren family crest

O'Fahy O'Fahey

O'Fallon O'Falloon

O'Faolain O'Faelin




O'Feely O'Fehilly coat of arms O'Feely O'Fehilly family crest

O'Feeney [Roscommon] coat of arms O'Feeney [Roscommon] family crest

O'Fennelly coat of arms O'Fennelly family crest

Offena [Holland] coat of arms Offena [Holland] family crest

Offerberg [Juliers] coat of arms Offerberg [Juliers] family crest

Offignies coat of arms Offignies family crest

O'Feely O'Fehilly

O'Feeney [Roscommon]


Offena [Holland]

Offerberg [Juliers]


Offley [Boston] coat of arms Offley [Boston] family crest

Offredi [Geneva] coat of arms Offredi [Geneva] family crest

O'Fie O'Fee coat of arms O'Fie O'Fee family crest

O'Finnegan coat of arms O'Finnegan family crest

O'Flaherty coat of arms O'Flaherty family crest

O'Flanagan coat of arms O'Flanagan family crest

Offley [Boston]

Offredi [Geneva]

O'Fie O'Fee




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